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I'm SO excited to share my latest podcast interview where I dive deep into how I transitioned out of a professional (read: traditional) 9-5 career and created a freedom lifestyle of wellness and travel thanks to my online coaching business ⛱🌴✈️

In this episode, Rising Tides Startup Podcast Owner Kevin Prewitt and I talk about how YOU can make that same transition. I also share My 3-Step Method For Launching Your Online Coaching Business!

So if you're wondering how you can make this online coaching business workwhat niche to coach inwhere to get clients, and how to do it all if you're still in your 9-5, this episode is for you 


Grab the link below to listen now:

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Unlock Instant Confidence to Attract Clients NOW is specially designed to produce a quick result for coaches looking to increase their confidence, attract clients and grow their business. 

The workbook focuses on confidence at a personal level, how it impacts your business and how to infuse confidence into your mindset and business starting today!

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"Every question is meaningful to achieve the stated goal - instant confidence!"  

"I have a lot to be proud of and confident about!"  

"I loved the reflective questions with YOUR own answers provided as example."  

"My biggest takeaway was that we DO have the confidence and ability to make our dreams a reality!"

"My biggest takeaway is the power of confidence."


This community is dedicated to the coach who is ready to grow her online business to 4- and 5-figure months and create their freedom lifestyle, whether that's traveling the globe or taking 3-day weekends ❤️

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So what does a FREEDOM LIFESTYLE mean (and what are my clients doing)?

💖having fun while “working” (connecting, coaching, being visible in a way that feels good, making sales the natural, non-sleazy way!)
💖working a 4-hour day and actually *enjoying* the rest of your day
💖hitting a yoga or gym class in the middle of the day
💖manifesting your own monthly income that will support your freedom lifestyle
💖taking a day off when you feel like it… because you can!
💖working from home in your comfy clothes
💖running your online coaching biz from your laptop
💖going on vacation whenever you want while coaching clients and earning $$
💖working on a plane, in a café or on the beach (literally!)
💖transforming your I-Know-I'm-Meant-For-More 9-5 career into an extraordinary life full of fun, passion and fulfillment
💖developing a kick-@$$ mindset that sets the stage for your successful biz and abundant life
💖taking a moment each day to feel SO grateful for the amazing life that you’ve created for yourself

Come on in and introduce yourself (we’re all friendly!) and share your wins, challenges, insights and inspiration with us!

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