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"I simply love working with Kalila!

When I met her I was trying to get my business off the ground. I was having personal problems as well and I was frustrated with not having organization or focus. I was buying courses that I never finished and wasting money on programs. I knew I needed direction but I didn’t know where to start and I wanted to do it the right way.

Kalila helped me not only find my niche but also start connecting with potential clients. I was really nervous, but with Kalila's simple guidance I was was soon growing my confidence and belief that I could do this and sign on clients.

In the middle of my coaching with Kalila, I had an opportunity to open a physical space for my business. She supported me in deciding what direction I wanted my business to grow and helping me with setting it up to open doors. She also helped me craft my story to share with my audience. After that call I had vibes of excitement that I was doing the right thing!

After working with Kalila I have more direction, focus, and organization in my business that I didn’t have before. I know I can have a successful online coaching business and create the freedom lifestyle I have always wanted! Thank you Kalila!"

- Sophia VanBrunt, Owner of Oil Your Emotions


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"I had just finalized my decision to build a coaching business but had no clue how to start. 

Kalila helped me identify my niche so that I could attract my ideal client. 

I knew I wanted to help people transform their lives but she helped me narrow my focus down to mindset and habits. 

She also helped me see which areas of my business I needed to focus on first and which ones I could hold off on. 

Once I signed up to work with Kalila, I was able to start putting myself out there and engaging with my ideal clients right away! 

Kalila also helped me build the confidence that I needed to believe that this adventure was actually possible. 

After working with Kalila, not only do I feel more confident about my business, I know that I will be successful. I made so much progress with her and I am thankful that I was able to learn so much." 

— Jennifer Merchant, Habit and Mindset Coach

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Working with Kalila Bodden is a wonderful investment to make in yourself! 

In my time working with Kalila I started out with a lot of anxiety about my new coaching business which surfaced in the form of self-sabotage and avoidance. 

Kalila helped me to take the pressure off and allow myself the space to step back and re-focus so that I could find clarity around my niche and my messaging. She also helped me to tackle some perfectionist tendencies and confidence issues in order to make steps forward and move into an online presence without stalling and over-thinking. 

With Kalila’s guidance I have finally allowed myself to slow down and see the next step in front of me while I build the framework for my own coaching business and enjoy the freedom that my business provides me along the journey! 

Kalila is a fantastic coach who is genuine, caring, understanding, and vastly knowledgeable when it comes to building a healthy and happy life on your own terms! 

For those of you on the fence about working with Kalila to build your online coaching business, I suggest you go for it! 

Thank you for the wonderful insight, support and guidance Kalila!” 

— Laura Koschade, Strategic Goal Setting and Finance Coach

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lifestyle freedom business coaching testimonial

Working with Kalila, I created a program that matched my schedule and the way I want to live my freedom lifestyle. 

What I loved was that Kalila’s approach to coaching is truly holistic. It’s about you as a person.” 

— Karen K., Leadership and Executive Management Consultant

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I had started to encounter a couple of quite stressful situations in both my private and professional lives. 

Upon meeting with Kalila, I immediately knew I had made the right choice.

Personally my initial thoughts were – and this was after talking with Kalila for only 1 hour – “I can do this!” 

I was blown away with the detail, tailored advice and results I achieved in such a short space of time. 

Kalila was literally 2 steps ahead of everything during each session. 

During times of stress, Kalila became a rock for me to mentally hold on to which I could only recommend to anyone. 

Straight up, I could not say any better words or recommendations in even an initial discovery call with Kalila. You will not be disappointed! 

An absolute all-star in her field!” 

— Tom O., Financial Analyst 

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A friend introduced me to Kalila’s coaching, and said that she had a really good approach to living a freedom lifestyle. I must admit that I was extremely skeptical that would be the answer to my prayers. 

How wrong was I. 

I contacted Kalila for a discovery session. I was really impressed with her approach. 

She was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping people to achieve a sustainable lifestyle of freedom, wellness and travel. She was really encouraging throughout every aspect of the programme and at the same time not pushing a set regime. 

I am so grateful to Kalila for her help, enthusiasm and encouragement over the last twelve months! 

If you are unhappy about how you feel about your current life and would like to change, I highly recommend you contact Kalila. 

It will be the first step to a whole new you.” 

— Mimi M.