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Welcome! I’m Kalila Bodden, a Medical Doctor and Freedom Lifestyle Coach

I coach ambitious, introverted, millennial women in growing their online coaching business, making $4- and 5-figure months, and creating their dream life of freedom, wellness and travel.

I help you work through overwhelm, fear, limiting beliefs and money mindset issues that hold you back so you can confidently grow your business and attract the right clients.

Going from self-doubt to beautiful confidence in marketing and selling your coaching gift is my specialty! I help you achieve your freedom lifestyle (whether that means traveling the globe or taking regular 3-day weekends to spend with family and loved ones!) with style, elegance, and fun.

I help my clients quit their 9-5s so that they can coach their passion.

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For the longest time, I would go to work every day feeling anxious and overworked, only to come home at night feeling completely exhausted and unfulfilled with no energy left for the important thing: Life

It would take a whole weekend of naps and vegging in front of Netflix for me to feel recovered, only to repeat it again the next week.

Deep down I knew something needed to change, so I started exploring how an online coaching business could give me the freedom and flexibility that I craved while also being able to support my dream lifestyle: 

A lifestyle where I had the energy to spend quality time with family and friends.

A lifestyle where I could book a vacation (business class!) whenever I wanted to.

A lifestyle of 4-hour work days and time for dinner with the hubby every night.

A lifestyle where I could attend a yoga class at 10:00 a.m. on a weekday.

A lifestyle where I could work location-free, earning money while I travel.

A lifestyle of working in a business that didn’t feel like “work”.

Now, I help my clients achieve just that by growing their online coaching business and creating a lifestyle of freedom, wellness and travel.

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As a medical doctor who quit medicine, then landed a 6-figure corporate job and then started my online coaching business, I know what it's like to jump off the cliff, build wings on your way down and land on your feet.

I understand how daunting taking the path less travelled can be, and that is why I am so passionate about supporting my clients in moving past the fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that arise when we step outside the status quo and start pursuing our greatness.

With Freedom Lifestyle Coaching, it’s more than just about building a thriving online coaching business: It's about creating a lifestylethat supports your beliefs, goals and dreams.

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freedom lifestyle coach testimonial from a mindset coach

"Once I signed up to work with Kalila, I was able to start putting myself out there and engaging with my ideal clients right away! 

Kalila also helped me build the confidence that I needed to believe that this adventure was actually possible.  

After working with Kalila, not only do I feel more confident about my business, I know that I will be successful!”

— Jennifer Merchant, Habit and Mindset Coach